Chambers Staff Charitable Fund

Welcome to the Chambers Staff Charitable Fund.

The objective of the Fund is to provide financial assistance to those who are both deserving and in significant need who operate within the sector of providing direct support services to barristers or barristers’ chambers based in the UK. The individual may be employed or self-employed contracting, and includes clerks, administrative staff and chambers professionals. The Fund can also provide financial assistance to their spouses, partners, widows, widowers and dependents.

If you have reached our website, in all likelihood you either would like to help us to ensure we, as a charity, can continue to sustain this important means of supporting those working in our sector, or you would like our support. Details of how to do so in either instance can be found below.

We feel the Fund is incredibly important to the welfare of individuals employed or contracting within our sector. For individuals who spend most of their careers as unsung heroes within the legal sector (no matter what role you undertake), we want to ensure we can continue to offer a lifeline to those who find themselves in real financial difficulty.

We welcome applications from all individuals who meet our criteria for assistance, further details for which can be found on our ‘How to Apply’ page.

We also welcome all efforts to assist us in raising much needed funds for our charity, be that through individual one off donations, regular donations or fund raising activities.

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